suffocation of freedom of thought

“Charlie Hebdo” a magazine published in france,widely known for its glorification of athiesm.It is not anti religious,anti national but praise universal humanity through hebdo.recently attacked by radical forces.As being satirical magazine it is,not attacked on dem bt on freedom,personal liberty values which are bestowed upon humanity by nature in equal terms.France,birthland of revolutionary thoughts as gave nurturement to french revolution.The land of montesque,voltaire,rousseau the father of individual freedom,liberty,eqality,fraternity experienced black event on motherland.In 21st century,we supposed to be modernise,
We are not even learnt to be a human with rational mind consciousness.One of the Indian ancient philosophy LOKAYAT coined by CHARVAK put before us rational values by rejecting supernatural forces,and adopting indian materialism.
In 2006 charlie hebdo came with cartoon on islam where tagline was “it is very hard to be loved by stupids”,has became contraversial.In indian context also THE SATANIC VERSES written by Salman Rushdie, windy doninger book was also condemned last year written on hindu religion past, LAJJA(SHAME) of Tasleema nasreen written on anti hindu riots errupted in bangladesh after babri masjid demolition in ayodhya,RIDDLES IN HINDUISM written by b.r.ambedkar also got controversial.Suffocation of thoughts are not new to us,but as product of new era,globalisation,we should make blurred the boundaries of radical thoughts.It is not surprising that huge crowd came on street of whole europe to condemn charlie hebdo cruel incident as french land is proven with its great values.multipicity of culture,ethnicity,religion,caste,creed,sex we are having,we are already taught by our forefathers to be secular,tolerative,fraternise.surely, thoughts are martyre,one cant wiped it away by just massacre humanity.Genocide likely to be solution of short term obstacles,but definietly has sowed the seeds for long lived war and hatred.

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